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Zootopia Movie Review

To start off I watched this movie for the first time about a year and a half ago, but I recently rewatched it and remembered how much I love it. When I first watched it I was really sick with strep or something like that. But this movie made me feel better almost immediately. It is so motivating and encouraging. I believe everyone should see this movie at least once in their life.

The movie starts off with a young bunny named Judy at a showcase saying how animals used to be prey vs. predator, living life always in fear and on the prowl. Then she shows how animals have progressed and become civilized and can do anything they set their minds to, like her wanting to be a cop. Then a fox named Gideon bullies Judy discouraging her and even scratches her. However, she does not let this stop her from achieving her dreams.

A time hop happens and Judy is now an adult about to go to the police academy. On the train to Zootopia the theme song of the movie “Try Everything” plays. Let me pause this summary with my love for this song. It is so motivational, like whenever I’m having a hard day or feeling down I play this and instantly feel good. Back to the review. She arrives at the academy and notices she is much smaller than her peers, but she does not let that stop her. She uses her mind to find ways to use her size to her advantage and eventually graduates top of her class.

She shows up to her first day on the force and is given ticket duty. This angers her because she wants to be in the action. On the job she meets a fox, Nick, with his son trying to buy an ice cream cone but is denied service. This makes Judy mad and buys the cone for him. She then realizes his ‘son’ was his partner in crime and they are both common criminals, but she has nothing to charge them with. One day she finally catches a thief and brings him. In order to do this though she left her post which made her boss upset. She interrupts her boss in a meeting with Mrs. Ottertan, an otter whose husband has disappeared along with a few other animals. The chief of police isn’t concerned with this and dismisses her, but Judy promises to help, angering her boss even more. He gives her two days to solve the crime or she’s fired. She then goes to Nick to ask for his help in solving the case because of his connections.

Through long string  of events they ended up finding the person doing this to all the animals. I’m not going to give away the ending or tell about the details of the events because I want everyone to see for themselves.

In conclusion, I love this movie. It teaches a lot of important life lessons such as do not discriminate a person because of stereotypes about them. Everyone is different and someone you thought you many not like could end up being your best friend. It is a very inspiring story that teaches you can do anything you set your mind to and never to give up on your dreams. I suggest this movie to everyone. Go watch it right now!!!!

3 comments on “Zootopia Movie Review

  1. Loved the movie! My daughter (Anna) had me watch it. Many thanks!

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  2. Ashley Smith

    Can’t believe I haven’t watched this yet !

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  3. I’m watching it right now. I love it! I also love the song “Try Everything”. I always enjoy watching this film – it’s so good!


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