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My Top 5 Disney Channel Shows

I am 16 years old and was raised on all the Disney shows, starting from a very young age. Thankfully, I was old enough to remember the iconic TV shows like Phil go the Future and Proud Family, but young enough to also experience Hannah Montana and Jessie. Today I will rank my 5 favorite Disney shows of all time!!

1. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

This is an awesome show and no one can tell me otherwise. It is an iconic Disney show about twin boys living in a hotel. It’s as crazy as you would think living in a hotel would be. The hotel is called the Tipton and the daughter of Mr. Tipton lives there. Her name is London. She is spoiled and clueless but oh so lovable. Maddie works at the candy counter at the hotel and Zack has a huge crush on her. She used to be my all timed favorite character. Mr. Moseby is the hotel manager and is so funny. He hates the twins causing trouble in his hotel. Everyone remembers him saying, “No running in my hotel lobby”. Then there is Zack and Cody played by the Spouse twins. Cody was the smart one and Zack was the cute one.. even though they were identical. My favorite episode is the one where they spend the night in the haunted hotel room. It genuinely scared me as a child but still had that Disney magic.

2. That’s So Raven

A show about a teen psychic, what could go wrong? This show portrays Raven Symone as a teen “who can see into the future”. The beginning of every episode would start with a vision and usually things would go wrong in her vision. Throughout the episode she would try to change fate, but it hardly worked and everything made sense seeing it put into context. This show made me laugh so bard and still does. I love everything about this show. Its heartwarming and funny… the perfect combination.

3. Phineas and Ferb

This is one of the newest ones on my list. Honestly, this is one of the last good shows Disney made. No shade but Disney’s newer shows have nothing on the classics. But this show is brilliant. It’s all about summer and what two boys decide to do everyday. They are crazy smart and creative and have a fun adventure everyday. Their older sister tries to bust them, but she never succeeds. She always runs to get their mom but the invention of the day always disappears. That is thanks to Dr. Heinz Doofenshmitrz and Perry the Platypus. Perry is Phineas and Ferb’s pet platypus but he is also an undercover agent and his nemesis is Doofenshmitrz. Doof will build som kind of “inator” and Perry will always get rid of his project which will get rid of the boys project. This show is so interesting, funny, and innovative. It always has a new idea and encourages kids to be creative.

4. Wizards of Waverly Place

Let me start out by saying this show made me love Selena Gomez. I literally wanted to be her. Almost everything I bought was inspired by her. The show was about a family of wizards living in New York trying to keep their powers a secret. Selena plays Alex, the rebel of the family. She is always casting cool spells about clothes or chocolate. To be honest what I would do as a wizard. She has 2 brothers as well, an older and younger. Justin is older and more mature but always protects his siblings, and Max is younger and still new to magic. Another awesome Disney show.

5. Kim Possible

Last but not least is this kick butt cartoon. It stars Kim ” a basic average girl who is here to save the world.” This show has the most iconic theme song of all theme songs. Kim is a pretty cheerleader who is also a spy on missions. Her best friend is nerdy yet lovable Ron and his sidekick Rufus who is a naked mole rat. They often visit Bueno Nacho to either talk about normal high school drama or upcoming missions. Also, you can’t forget about Wade. He practically invented FaceTime. He tells Kim what missions to go on and what to do through a phone. I love this show, it made me want to be a spy for awhile haha.


2 comments on “My Top 5 Disney Channel Shows

  1. 100% agree with the top 5! I want to see your top 5 DisneyChannel.com games as well!


  2. Ashley Smith

    The Suite Life haunted hotel room episode is 100 percent the best ! Great post Anna 🙂


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