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COCO Movie Review

Hello to all of my fellow Disney lovers! Sorry about this post going up a little bit later than usual, but hey it’s still Thursday! In today’s blog I thought it would be fun to do something new and different to this page- a movie review. Usually on my blog, the content is about the Disney parks, but I thought a movie review was a good idea. Let’s get started! WARNING: SPOILERS!!!

For starters, I am pretty late to watching this movie. I watched it for the first time last Friday. My brother saw it when it first came out and said I needed to watch it straight away and that it was in his top 5 Pixar movies list. I knew right away this movie was gonna blow me away, but it took me awhile to actually watch it.

The film is set in Mexico around Halloween or the Day of the Dead, where the living celebrate their gone relatives through their ofrenda, which is an altar-like table where they place photos of their dead ancestors to celebrate them. Miguel, the main character, loves music and wants to become a professional musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz.  But his great great grandmother, Imelda,  was married to a musician, and they had a child- Coco. He left his family and this caused Imelda to outlaw all music in her family. This was a tradition passed through the generations to honor Imelda. However, Miguel loves music and secretly plays it all the time. On the ofrenda there is a picture of Imelda with Coco and her father, but his head is marked off because he left the family. Miguel drops the photo and unfolds it to see Ernesto de la Cruz’s guitar. He then believes that Ernesto is his great great grandfather. This inspires his love of music even more.

On the Day of the Dead there is a music competition that Miguel wants to participate in. he tells his family and shows them his guitar and his grandmother who is just like Imelda smashes it. Miguel runs away crying. He still plans to play in the showcase but he needs a new guitar, so he goes to Ernesto’s grave and steals his guitar. This transports him to the land of the dead, where he runs into deceased family members, specifically Imelda. He explains to her how he wants to be a musician, but she still says no. He needs a family members blessing to get out of the place of the dead. Imelda’s blessing requires him. not to play music so he refuses. He goes on the search for Ernesto because he thinks they’re family, his blessing also counts. Along the way he meets Hector, a man who has no one to put his name on the ofrenda, so he can’t come to the land of the living. He says he can help Miguel find Ernesto because they used to work together. On their journey him and Miguel bond over music. They finally reach Ernesto.

Once I started watching the movie I thought, “Oh for sure this famous musician, Ernesto de la Cruz, is his actual grandfather that left his family and they’re related.” For the majority of the film I believed I was correct, especially when they met at Ernesto’s party. Miguel and Ernesto have a fun little montage together and then Hector comes to the party and tells Miguel how Ernesto betrayed him. All of Ernesto’s hits were written by Hector. Then Ernesto poisons Hector because he wants to leave and go back home. Ernesto kills him for fame and fortune. Ernesto then throws Hector and Miguel into a pit. Hector talks about how he wants to go to the land of the living to see his daughter. She is very old now and doesn’t remember him very well. He just wants to see her one more time. He says her name is Coco. Miguel then puts it together and realizes Hector is his actual grandpa. He reunites him and Imelda and tells the whole story on he was on his way back to her. Miguel is given Imelda’s blessing to go back and play music.

He runs home to get Coco to remember Hector and put his picture on the  family ofrenda. She remembers her father. At the end of the film it shows how they have shown how Hector is the rightful writer of there songs and was killed by Ernesto. Coco has died and is put on the ofrenda as well. At first this is sad but then you see her reunited with her family.

In conclusion, this movie was beautiful. I loved it from start to end, there was never a dull moment. It was a heartwarming film about the importance of family. It also shows different cultures and their important traditions. I love this movie and will definitely be watching again. It is also in my top 5 Pixar movies. It was so sweet and endearing. It made me treasure my family so much more and has made me want to take a deeper look into my ancestry.

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  1. Ashley Smith

    I LOVE COCO! You should start doing more movie reviews for sure 🙂


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