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Magic with the Mouse part 2

This is a continuation of last week’s blog post about my trip to Disney World in the first week of July. I’m picking up on my fifth day of vacation. The whole trip was amazing and magical.
On Wednesday we’re back at Magic Kingdom. Today was the Fourth of July so it was pretty packed. An added bonus was that it was raining. So we go to the parks for our Fastpasses and then plan to head back to the pool and chill until dinner at Ohana..the best place to eat ever!! But all of our fast passes are for rides outside, but it’s thundering which means those rides are shut down temporarily. So we try to wade it out for a few hours but get tired and plan to go back to the hotel. So we get on our bus and as our bus pulls out I check the Disney app and everything was opened again. I was like just my luck. But it was ok and we had a relaxing pool day and great dinner at Ohana.th.jpeg

Thursday morning my dad, sister and I headed to Animal Kingdom for our Flight of PAssage and Expedition Everest Fastpasses. It was our first time ever as a family riding Flight of Passage altogether. Every time on this ride feels like the first because it is so amazing. My sister and I’s faces were in complete awe of the scenery and attention to details. This ride will always be on my to do list from now on. I got a night blossom which I loved.

Facetune_26-07-2018-00-12-40.JPG We had a little time to kill before our Yeti FastPass so we decided to ride Dinosaur. My sister who is 24 (and is the original owner of this blog) hates this ride so much. It still scares her to this day. We have a picture from 10 years ago where I’m 6 and she’s 14 but she’s holding onto me. She kept herself together this time but the 2 little girls behind us could not stop screaming. During the majority of the morning, the weather was great maybe even too sunny and hot. But right as we can do our Everest Fastpass which is outside it starts to lightning and thunder, canceling our FastPass. We then go back to our resort for some Beaches and Cream. I love this place so much and my sweet mom went early and got us a table. We had an awesome time. Then we have some chill time at our hotel, and then we head to Magic Kingdom for dinner at Be Our Guest. On our way to eat the fireworks begin so we stroll through the park on our way to Fantasyland and get to see Happily Ever After from all angles. Overall a magical evening.


Friday was our last day at the parks. We strolled around the countries one last time. I was so sad to leave I had to take in everything one last time. We had lunch at Via Napoli. I had the chicken parmigiana. It was huge. It was also really hot in the restaurant so my appetite was not as big as it normally is so I didn’t eat that much even though it’s one of my fav meals at Epcot. We then used our Soarin FastPass and rode Nemo. IMG_0472.JPGWe went back to the resort for about an hour. Then my mom and sister went to Disney Springs for some last day shopping, while my trooper of a dad took me to Hollywood Studios. He wanted me to feel all of the magic. First, we head to Toy Story Mania and wait an hour and right as we get in the cart for the ride, the ride breaks down. We felt so defeated, but they gave us Fastpass for any ride so that was good. We decide to use it for Rock’N’Rollercoaster because the main reason we went to Hollywood was so we could see Fantasmic, and that ride is so close to Fantasmic. We then see that the FastPass line is just s long as stand-by which was 90 minutes. I then beg my dad to use it for Tower of Terror and he says ok. He hates Tower of Terror, but for me, he’ll do anything- best dad ever. Next, we get out of Tower of Terror and have about 30 minutes until Fantasmic. My dad says let’s go on in and get ice cream after, but I think we have time to get it and have time to bring it in Fantasmic. We don’t. As I’m in line I hear Fantasmic is closed and at capacity please join us for our later show at 10:30. I felt like crying. My dad and I got our ice cream and sat down and had a nice chat. We ended up leaving because we were exhausted. We went back to the hotel and just packed and talked. It may not have been Mickey saving the world, it was better- a sweet night with my dad.



3 comments on “Magic with the Mouse part 2

  1. David/Dad

    Awesome trip with my 3 best girls!


  2. Ashley Smith

    Aww Anna! That was so sweet. Honestly, that is the best way to spend a vacay so much family time. I better see your pic in Morocco on your next blog post !


  3. Paula Smith

    Such a sweet post! Disney is wonderful with family! Never too old for Disney! Anna is the best tour guide.


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