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My Visit with the Mouse

Hello Everyone!! I took a break for the past 2 weeks for good reason, I was in the most magical place on Earth. Well at least for the first week I was. Last week I didn’t post anything because I was still suffering from magic withdrawal. But I’m back pumped with excitement and new content to share with my fellow Disney lovers.

So my trip lasted from June 29 to July 7, and we stayed at the Beach Club Villas. Personally, I love staying at the Beach Club because of its proximity to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. We’ll always walk to Epcot and this trip we walked to Hollywood Studios almost every time


On our first day at the parks, which was the 30th, we went to Magic Kingdom because we knew Hollywood Studios would be packed because of the Toy Story Land. A family tradition of ours is to always ride Pirates of the Caribbean first thing (right after the obligatory castle pics). After Pirates, we also always get dole whips. It was an awesome first day we rode 2/3 mountains, joined Donald on Mickey’s Philharmagic, and dined at Tony’s during the fireworks. IMG_0360.JPG

On Sunday we bore the heat and crowds and went to Hollywood Studios. It was PACKED. I thought it would be bad around Toy Story Land but the rest of the park wouldn’t be awful..boy was I wrong. At 10 AM Rock’N’RollerCoaster was already at a 90-minute wait, but thankfully we had a FastPass. I love this ride so so much. Then we mosied around the park for a few hours and went to the Boardwalk and picked up my mom for lunch at ESPN. After we headed back to Hollywood for Toy Story Mania. This ride is in a new spot but the ride is no different, just the queue. Another awesome day!IMG_0390.jpg

For Monday we went to Epcot. My dad and I got an early morning and headed over for Mission Space and Nemo. Then my sister and mom met us for lunch in England. England has the kindest servers. They were so sweet and attentive. Next, we went to Soarin and had an awesome flight. My dad and my sister and dad drank around the world while I snacked around the world. It was super fun and there will be a separate blog for that. We headed back to the resort for a few hours then came back to Epcot for Teppan Edo. Funny story, Teppan Edo is hibachi dining with another family and so we made small talk but not a ton. All we know is that they’re from New York. But for the rest of the trip, we see them at least once a day. Think about that, Disney is huge and we see them every day. It was crazy


Next day we’re back at Hollywood Studios mainly for Toy Story Land, but also another Rock’N’RollerCoaster and Tower and Terror ride. But we spent the majority of our day at toy Story Land and I’ll have another post for that later so I’m not gonna spoil that too much. We later had dinner at Mexico in Epcot.


That’s it for part 1 of my trip! Tune back in next week for the rest of the trip.




3 comments on “My Visit with the Mouse

  1. Great trip and beautiful girls!


  2. Anonymous

    Love all the action,feel as if I was there. My happy place.


  3. Ashley Smith

    I am having magic withdraws too!!!!


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