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The Best Shows at Each Park

Disney is known for their amazing work done with fireworks. Fun fact, Disney is the second largest buyer of explosives (fireworks) in the US, behind the US Army. Disney puts so much effort into all of their spectacular nighttime shows. All of the parks have firework shows except for Animal Kingdom, but Animal Kingdom does have shows that are still intense and beautiful. In today’s blog, I will be listing my top shows at each theme park at Disney World.

4. Rivers of Light at Animal Kingdom

This show didn’t really have a fair shot on my list because I have always loved a good fireworks show and this is a river light show, hence the title. Although this show is quite new and very beautiful it doesn’t have that X-factor that the other Disney shows have. It’s great if you or anyone in your group has sensitivity issues because it is not super thrilling. It uses projections of beautiful nature scenery and brightly colored sets to portray the message. The Tree of Life is also used in the background. This is a very unique show but not my favorite.

3. Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios

This might be a controversial pick because Hollywood Studios now has Star Wars fireworks as well as Fantasmic. However, Fantasmic will always win for me because of its sentimental value and because I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan. Don’t get me wrong the Star Wars show is absolutely incredible but Fantasmic will always be number 1. It is a fun family show that lasts around 30 minutes. It tells the story of how Fantasia Mickey beats the evil dragon. In the show, you will see a ton of Disney characters as well. I love this show it is super thrilling and has amazing special effects. th-2.jpeg

2. Illuminations at Epcot

I love this firework display so so much. It is an amazing job done physically with the firework placement, but the message behind it is also very cool. The theme is that no matter where we come from we are all alike and should all get along, which is a message we always need to be reminded of. The fireworks themselves are marvelous. They have so much variety and take hours to set up. It is also hard to get a bad view of the show. A few of my favorite spots are the Japan Pavillion, the bridge in Italy, and in Mexico. th-1.jpeg(view from Japan)

1. Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom

When I heard the news that they would be replacing Wishes I was absolutely devastated because Wishes had been there for as long as I could remember. It was the most magic I had ever felt whenever I watched Wishes and I’m still sad it’s gone. But Happily Ever After is the only thing that could make it bearable to lose Wishes to. Happily Ever After is so beautiful in every way. The music, the projections, and the fireworks all combine to perform the perfect firework display. The first time I watched it I cried. It is absolutely breathtaking. The music is what really makes it for me. I hope everyone gets the chance to see this awesome show.


2 comments on “The Best Shows at Each Park

  1. Bring Wishes back!


  2. Wishes at Magic Kingdom used to be my favorite but now Illuminations at Epcot is. Can’t to wait to go there again. Coming soon!!


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