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Top 5 Hotel Restaurants​

Disney has amazing food located all over their massive property, but a lot of the best are at the many resorts. At Disney hotels, the food and restaurants are themed to the resort. For example, Cape May Cafe is in the Beach Club so it’s themed to a beach restaurant on a pier. Depending on if you like the resort and its vibe will often determine if you like the restaurants inside the hotel.

5. Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club

This doubles as a breakfast buffet in the morning where you can meet characters and is also a seafood buffet at night. Cape May has great theming all around it is subtle yet you can definitely recognize where you are. The food is also amazing. In the morning it has all the classic breakfast items like Mickey waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, and more. In the morning it’s more about meeting the characters. The available characters are Minnie, Donald, and Goofy. Sometimes some others will be there depending on the time of year.


4. ESPN Club at the Boardwalk

Most people overlook this awesome place in my opinion. It has typical bar food but it’s amplified. It’s very popular at lunchtime usually but dinner is almost empty. Reservations are not available here; it’s first to come, first served. The atmosphere in ESPN is super cool, especially for sports-loving dads. You are surrounded by many flat screen TV’s, all playing different sports matches. They also have sports jerseys and trophies hanging everywhere. Also, the booths lining the back wall have their own TV’s and you can get game controllers and play different games while you eat or wait for your meal. My favorites here are the  Club Nachos, Club Wings, and Crunch Burger. Everything here is super tasty and loaded with flavor.th.jpeg

3. Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club

Talk about sugar overload, this place is the definition. I love everything about Beaches and Cream. Let’s start with the food. It’s classic burger and fries, chicken tenders, and hotdogs. The main meal is not what makes this place special, it’s the desserts. They are huge sundaes, like the biggest you’ll ever see. They have this one dessert called the Kitchen Sink. It has 10 scoops of 5 flavors of ice cream covered in every single topping. It comes in the classic flavors, chocolate lovers, and Neopolitan. Every time someone orders a kitchen sink sirens go off and the whole restaurant gets involved. This place has a super happy atmosphere. It’s great to have lunch at if you’re staying at the Beach Club and you’re having a pool day.


2. California Grill at the Contemporary Resort

California Grill is excellent in every way. Unlike the rest of the list, this place is very formal and will require a reservation.  There is a dress code everyone must follow. If you have little ones this might not be the best family choice, but more of a Disney date night. The food is amazing. They have the best steaks, sushi, and classy pizzas. I’ve only been here once but I would definitely go back. Also, they have an amazing view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks. Even if you don’t go to California Grill during the fireworks, save your receipt and say you want to go to the firework viewing area. They’ll let you right in and you’ll have an awesome view.


1. Ohana at the Polynesian

This is my favorite restaurant in all of Disney World. It is a Hawaiian themed dining experience. The cast members are so friendly and treat you like family. They will bring you unlimited food. They first bring you bread and a salad for the table. Then they bring you potstickers, wings, vegetables, and noodles. Next, comes the really good stuff, the meat. They serve chicken, pork, and shrimp from a skewer and shave it onto your plate. Then after you’ve eaten all you can, they bring you a fantastic bread pudding you can’t say no to. This is such an awesome restaurant you can’t miss. th-2.jpeg



3 comments on “Top 5 Hotel Restaurants​

  1. Anonymous

    One of my favorite blog posts. I agree that Ohana is my favorite place too and ESPN has been a long-time top hit for me. Cape May always enjoyable and I love a big breakfast to get my day started off right and supply me some energy. Can’t wait for more!


  2. Exactly how I would have ranked them too!


  3. Ashley Smith

    One week! So excited!!!


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