Essentials for the Disney Parks

I’m sure everyone is wondering what exactly do I need when taking on Disney. Disney World is more of a marathon than a sprint. During our magical marathon there a few things that are absolutely crucial to have. I will be listing my top 5 essentials I must have in the parks.

1. MagicBand

This is an extremely obvious one, and you’re probably thinking doesn’t everyone know to bring their bands to the park. Well no, not everyone knows. In Disney, your MagicBand is absolutely everything, especially if you’re staying on property. It acts as your ticket into the park, holds your fast passes, connects to your credit card to charge things on, and can be your room key. If you have this you are set, you don’t even need money. Although I do suggest bringing some spare cash or a credit card if there is a glitch or something.

2. Cell Phone

This is another obvious thing to bring, but it sometimes slips people’s minds. In Disney, a cellphone has many multifunctional purposes such as a way to access the MyDisneyExperience App, a camera, a clock, and obviously a way to communicate with your family or friends. If you go in the parks without your phone you will deeply regret it, because it is so easy to get separated from your party and need to find them or you want to snap a pic at the parks without paying for a photo.

3. Raingear

In Florida, it rains a lot, even in the off seasons. You must bring some kind of raingear, whether that be an umbrella, rain jacket, or poncho you need something. If you leave your stuff in the room or at home don’t fret the parks always have all that stuff for sale. But it is much cheaper to bring stuff from home, and you’re already spending a lot on a Disney vacation

4. Sunscreen

This is very crucial especially if you go in summer, but is important for all seasons. Sunscreen is very important to use when you’ll be walking around in the beating Florida sun all day. I suggest applying before you go to the parks, after lunch, and between 5-6. Disney vacations are always fun, but if you get burnt you won’t be having the best time. Bring sunscreen from home to save some money like before, but if you forget you can buy it in stores all over Disney property.

5. Hand Sanitizer

Most people probably overlook this necessity because there are so many other things you need at the parks, but I will always bring this. Think about it at Disney World there are thousands of people there every day touching everything. There are germs everywhere. Once at Disney I got sick with something awful. I think it was the sickest I had ever been. My mom also caught the illness. It was terrible I couldn’t enjoy myself or go to the parks for half of my vacation. So from now until forever I will bring and use hand sanitizer constantly.

These are just a few of my essentials. My family and I bring other stuff to the parks but these are the most important items if you have a limited space. Also thought I’d inform everyone my Disney vacay is soon approaching and I’m very excited to tell everyone about it.


1 comment on “Essentials for the Disney Parks

  1. Ashley Smith

    Great tips! Can’t wait for our trip!!


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