Best Snacks in Epcot’s World​ Showcase Part 2

Today we pick up where we left off last week. We will cover the final snacks of the showcase. These snacks keep getting better and better. Let’s eat!!

1. Italy: Gelato Sandwich

A gelato sandwich sounds kinda strange until you realize the “bread” is 2 chocolate chip cookies and the insides is a gelato of your choice. This snack is so delightful, but on a hot day can be very messy. It comes in many great flavors such as Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, and Coffee. They also have seasonal flavors so depending on the time of year you visit there could be specialty flavors. I always have to grab one of these everytime I go, you should too


2. Germany: Wether’s Caramel Popcorn

Although this is not technically sold as a snack you can buy it in the Germany gift shop and eat it as one. They make this onsite every day along with other Werther caramel treats. This popcorn is amazing and when you go to the Germany pavilion you have to pick up a few bags. Also, while you’re there pick up some more caramel goodies. Germany has other snack venues to pick up other amazing desserts, but the popcorn is my personal favorite.


3. China: Strawberry Oolong Tea Smoothie

The Strawberry Oolong Tea Smoothie is so refreshing on a hot day in the parks. It’s a great pick me up during a hot day where you could use a sweet treat but don’t want a hot cake. It is very very sweet. In order to enjoy this, you will need to like the taste of sugar. Personally, I love this drink it’s tasty but I can usually only have one. It’s like a sweeter version of strawberry ice cream to me. I recommend it but if you prefer something on the less sweet side you should get the mango green tea smoothie also at the Joy of Tea.th.jpeg

4. Norway: Viking Chocolate Mousse

Now my decision for the best snack in Norway is controversial for many because of the love for School Bread in the Norway pavilion. But for me, the School Bread isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I prefer sweeter more chocolatey treats like the Viking Chocolate Mousse. I love this because I love chocolate. It’s such a smooth mousse and really tastes great and not overpowering. I’ve only had this once before but will become a traditional treat. Both of these snacks I mentioned are good it just depends on what kind of dessert you prefer.


5. Mexico: Churros with Caramel Sauce

This is a really hard pavilion for me to decide which snack is the best because I love Mexican food. Mexico has both spectacular sweet and savory snacks. I might as well mention my favorite savory snack while I’m at it. The chips and guacamole are the best, some of the best guac I’ve ever had. But my overall favorite is the churros. They are so crunchy yet soft, the perfect balance. I love churros in general, but Disney churros are the best, especially Mexico’s. Also, the caramel sauce they come with is so good.th-1.jpeg

We made it around the world in 11 snacks. I love all of these snacks and I hope you all do as well.

4 comments on “Best Snacks in Epcot’s World​ Showcase Part 2

  1. Anonymous

    I’m torn between the gelato sandwich and churros with caramel sauce. I’ll just have both 🙂


  2. Ashley Smith

    I definitely want to try the smoothie this trip! It looks so good!!!


  3. Anonymous

    That gelato sandwich 👀


  4. alwaysblushingblog

    That gelato sandwich looks amazing!


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