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Best Snacks in Epcot’s World Showcase Part 1

As we all know Epcot is known for some of the best food on all of Disney property, and most of those dining selections are in the World Showcase. Today’s blog will be about the best snacks from each country in the showcase. There are 11 countries and I will cover 6 in this blog and the other 5 next week. Let’s eat our way around the world!!

1. Canada: Croissant Donut

This delightful treat is AMAZING. It’s known as a cronut ( a mixture of a croissant and donut). It keeps the round shape of a donut and sweetness but adds the buttery flakiness of a croissant. It is so so good. They are sold at the Refreshment Port.


2. England: Fish and Chips

I love Englands quick service and dining options, but England is one place you can skip the table service if all you want is fish and chips. The quick service fish and chips are nearly identical to the sit-down version. The only difference is the portion size and price, both are smaller. The fish is great with a perfect ratio of fish to bread, while the chips have the perfect amount of crunch to soft.


3. France: Croque Glacé

Sounds fancy right, well it’s just an ice cream scoop in a brioche bun that gets slightly toasted. Nonetheless, it is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. The ice cream keeps its coldness but the brioche is warm so the mixture creates an awesome texture in your mouth. I love this treat on a hot day. It is in the back of the France pavilion at L’Artisan des Glaces. I really recommend this delight.


4. Morocco: Shawarma Chicken Platter 

I know what you’re thinking right now, this sounds like a meal not a snack and you’re right it is. But Morocco does not have a snack counter just restaurants. This is at the quick service joint Tangerine Café. The chicken has a really good flavor and you get a lot of sides for the price. This is not my favorite on the list but if you get the chance to try it you should. th-3.jpeg

5. Japan: Kakigōri

I’ve only had this treat once but it was really good. It’s basically a snow cone but the Japanese version. They’re huge and come in 5 different flavors: Rainbow, Strawberry, Melon, Cherry, or Tangerine. These are really good on a hot day. I prefer Japan’s dining option Teppan Edo and will later do a “Meal Around the World” series.th-2.jpeg

6. America: Cookies n’ Cream Funnel Cake

This is the best thing ever. Imagine the best funnel cake you’ve ever tasted and multiply that times 10 and you’ll get this and then some. It starts out being a normal funnel cake and then they add vanilla ice cream, but they’re not done there. Then they add crushed Oreos and chocolate sauce. It is awesome. That’s all I can say AWESOME. th.jpeg

I hope you enjoyed part one of snacking around the world. See you next week!!

4 comments on “Best Snacks in Epcot’s World Showcase Part 1

  1. Anonymous

    Fish n’ Chips definitely my favorite but I think I will have to try the Cookies n’ Cream Funnel Cake (at least share some) next time I go (only 28 more days!!!)


  2. Anonymous

    Couldn’t agree more. These are must do’s!


  3. Those fish and chips are to die for!


  4. Ashley Smith

    Can’t wait to try the Croissant Donut! So soon!!!


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