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Fastpass Hacks for Hollywood Studios

Hey everyone! I am sorry it’s been so long since I posted a blog. School has been crazy recently, but I’m excited to be back.

Hollywood Studios is similar to Epcot in their FastPass system so I will do a similar thing I did for the Epcot hacks.

1. Rock’N’Roller Coster

This is one of my absolute favorite rides in all of Disney World. It is so thrilling and fun. You go from 0 to 60 in a matter of two seconds… I’m not kidding. The queue for this ride is also pretty boring besides the parts where FastPass and stand-by meet, so you won’t miss the fun. The wait time for this one is usually an hour to two hours. It is worth the wait but I’m sure you’d prefer to do more with your limited time at the most magical place on earth. On this coaster, you get launched into a dark room full of loops and turns with neon accents of Hollywood all around you, while Aerosmith music is blasting in your ears. I definitely recommend this amazing ride.

2. Tower of Terror

I love this ride with a capital L. It is so exhilarating and fun but at the same time scary. The first time I rode this attraction I thought I was going to die because of the trailer they show you before of the Twilight Zone. Thankfully I’m still here and can keep riding this awesome ride. The wait time is usually 45 minutes, sometimes less sometimes more. You never know with this ride. Also, the line for this ride is pretty boring with no fun interactions included. I recommend a Fastpass.

3. Star Tours

This ride is very similar to Mission Space, but way less intense. It is an immersive experience in the Star Wars world. You pile into this big box with 3D glasses on while the box moves. There are different scenes and sequences every time. I’ve never met anyone who has had the same scene twice. They also pick a Jedi spy at the beginning each time. If there are small children on board who look really excited they will most likely get picked, so this is great for little ones who love Star Wars. It is a really fun experience, and the wait times can be really long. I’ve only been on this ride a few times but I enjoy myself each time.


As of right now, Hollywood Studios is pretty empty. They are expanding rapidly though. On my trip this summer they are opening Pixar Land, which I am very excited about. Also, they are adding a Star Wars land in the near future and replacing the Great Movie Ride. The park is getting a much-needed makeover, although I will miss some classics I am excited about the future. Once some of the new stuff opens I will revise and expand this list.

2 comments on “Fastpass Hacks for Hollywood Studios

  1. These are good Fast Pass choice. My favorite is Rockin Roller. But don’t forget Toy Story Mania!


  2. Ashley Smith

    Yeah you almost backed out last minute the first time you rode Tower of Terror! I wouldn’t let you though:)


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