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Fastpass Hacks for Epcot

In Disney World, there are plenty of rides to use your Fastpasses on, but in Epcot there a few rides you simply must not miss. In Epcot, the Fastpass system is a little different. There are 2 sections you can pick from. One section is the most popular rides such as TestTrack and Soarin, and in the other section, there are the still fun but less popular attractions. You can pick one ride from the more popular section and two rides from the less popular section. In these recommendations I am going to do two days of the FastPass schedule instead of 5 must do Fastpasses.

Day One in Epcot:

1. Soarin

This is one of the most popular rides in Epcot. You will almost always need a Fastpass for this attraction. I have only ridden this once on standby but it was such a long wait. This ride is awesome. You are taken in what seems like a hang glider into the scenery all around the world. You get to see amazing sights from all over the world such as the Eifel Tower and the Taj Mahal. This ride typically has a 2-hour wait or longer, so I definitely recommend a Fastpass

2. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

This is a very cute, sweet ride that is amazing for young kids especially. The wait time isn’t usually super long actually, you can usually walk on. However, at certain times of the year, it can be kind of a long wait. So I suggest planning a Fastpass just to be safe. And if the wait is short just go on it over and over again.

3. Meet Disney Pals at the Epcot Character Spot

Surprisingly this attraction is constantly busy. It can range from a 20-minute wait to 120 minutes. In this attraction, you get to meet all of the classic Disney pals. This is great for both little kids and grown-ups. I always try to stop by and say hello to Mickey and friends every trip. This is a really cute attraction that is definitely worth a Fastpass.

I chose these 3 rides because they are all in a close vicinity to each other. They would be great to do in one day because of the proximity.

Day Two in Epcot:

1. Test Track

This ride is super fun and exhilarating. It technically is the fastest ride in all of Disney World, it can reach speeds of 63 mph. This ride is always busy no matter the time of the year. If you’re lucky you can maybe get a 20 minute wait time for TestTrack, but this is rare. I always get a Fastpass for this thrill ride. It is almost like two attractions because before you go on the actual ride you can design your own car that will be put to the test during the ride.

2. Spaceship Earth

This is the ride that is inside the big gold ball that is the center of Epcot. It is a travel through the progress of technology from the very beginning of time. This ride has a pretty steady wait time. It usually is from 10-30 minutes. The attraction itself is very long, it lasts around 10 minutes. Overall an Epcot classic you must get a Fastpass for.

3. Mission Space

This ride is super fun for thrillseekers. It’s not a rollercoaster but still is an innovative thrill ride. You get into a cabin with four seats and are assigned roles in a spaceship. I don’t know how to even describe this attraction. It is so fun and exhilarating. You feel an immense amount of pressure and spinning during this ride. It is really fun but some people may not feel the same way. My dad actually felt sick after riding this, so he has steered clear, so be cautious when riding Mission Space.




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  1. Ashley Smith

    Love this! Have you gone to Disneyland yet?


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