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Fastpass Hacks for the Magic Kingdom

5. Peter Pan’s Flight

This attraction is very popular amongst small children and Disney enthusiasts. I love this ride so much and try to ride it every time I am at the Magic Kingdom. However, the lines are always terribly long during the normal park day. The queue has been updated recently with a few interactive elements but overall is not my favorite line to wait in. Also, the wait usually varies from 60-90 minutes on average, while the ride itself lasts 2 minutes max. It is a very fun ride but not worth such a long wait but definitely deserves a Fastpass.

4. Haunted Mansion

The typical wait time for this ride is between 45-60 minutes, which is not too bad. But for this line, you must wait outside for the majority of the queue. In the summertime especially this can be very annoying because of the intense Florida heat. Although I love this ride so much, sometimes I say is it worth the hot outside wait when I could get a dole whip or browse the gift shop. I recommend reserving a FastPass for this attraction because it is super fun and once you’re inside it feels nice and air-conditioned. Also, it lasts for quite awhile. It is a fun yet spooky ride the whole family will love.

3. Splash Mountain

This is probably my all-time favorite ride at Disney World but it is always changing haha, This ride is so fun, but with that fun comes long lines. You will definitely need a Fastpass for this one. I’ve seen wait times reach 2 and a half hours for this attraction. That is insane!! The line is outside and doesn’t really have anything particularly fun in the queue. But the ride is super long so if you do end up waiting in the line it’ll be worth it.

2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This is the worst queue in all of Magic Kingdom in my opinion. It is outside and has nothing fun about the line. To make matters worse once you do get kind of inside (under a roof but still basically outside) they have fans swooshing around hot air on you. I have never sweated more in a line, which is sad because I love this attraction. It is so fun and exhilarating. But you will NEED a Fastpass for this ride because of heat and dullness of the line. I put Big Thunder on this list over Space even though Space has longer wait times because Big Thunders line conditions are so much worse. For Space at least it is indoors with entertaining games along the way.

1. Seven Dwarves Mine Train

I am proud to say I have never waited in the actual line for this ride for over 15 minutes. This is because I ALWAYS use a Fastpass unless it is at the end of the night or early in the morning. My reason is the line is always packed. In the day, I have never seen the line under an hour, it’s typically from 90-180 minutes, and that is insanely long. In the queue, there are a few fun things to do but not worth the extremely long wait. Especially because the ride is literally over in a couple of minutes. It is still a blast but is hyped up more than it should be. I love this ride don’t get me wrong but it requires a Fastpass.

2 comments on “Fastpass Hacks for the Magic Kingdom

  1. Thanks for the tips.


  2. Ashley Smith

    I like your point about would you rather wait in like or get a dole whip… the answer is ALWAYS Dole Whip! Can’t wait for our trip. SO SOON!


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