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5 Best Hacks for Disney World

Hey everyone, I’m sorry I did not post on Wednesday. Time just got away from me haha. Well anyways, this week I have my best hacks for any Disney vacation overall. I’m hoping to make a series out of this for each park. Let’s get into the hacks 🙂

5. Stay On Property

Staying at a Disney resort has so many perks. My personal favorite is the magic you feel during your trip. After a long day at the Magic Kingdom, you come back to your hotel and feel at home. The cast members always do everything they can to make your stay as magical as possible. Another awesome perk is the Extra Magic Hours, which I will go into next.

4. Extra Magic Hours

These are amazing. They either give you an extra hour before the park opens or after the park closes. They are exclusive to resort guest only. They give more opportunity for you and your family to do more things in less time. Mostly everything is open from rides to special restaurants and shops. This is when my family and I get in a lot of our rides in because during the day the wait times are so long.

3. Resort Refillable Mugs

I love these things. At the beginning of my trip, I always get one for my entire stay. I always pick a different color. When staying at a Disney Resort, you can pick up refillable mugs for around $10. Throughout your entire stay you can fill up these mugs as much as you want at your hotel, and there are some spots in the park too. These are amazing and help save a little money because drinks at Disney can be very pricey.

2. Bring a Portable Charger

At Disney, your phone will die quickly. You are always taking photos, checking the MYDISNEYEXPERIENCE app, or using your phone to pass time in those long lines. I recommend bringing a charger to help refuel your phone so you don’s miss an awesome photo-op or lose someone in the park and need to call them. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

1. Use the Fastpass Plus System

This may seem like an obvious one, but I realize not everyone uses this tool. It is so helpful and convenient. Fastpasses help you ride more rides in less time. You can make fatspasses as early as 60 days in advance to your vacation. Just plan them according to what parks you’ll be at and what times you want to ride certain rides. I recommend making them earlier in the day because once you use up your 3 fastpasses you can make more.

2 comments on “5 Best Hacks for Disney World

  1. Great advice. Love the Extra Magic Hours!


  2. Ashley Smith

    #2 is a MUST!!! Good advice Anna 🙂


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