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The Best Mountain

In Magic Kingdom park at Disney World, there are the 3 famous mountains: Space, Splash, and Big Thunder. These are my personal favorite rides. They are thrilling and bring back so many childhood memories. Since they are all so amazing, they leave the question on which mountain is the best mountain. All of them are incredible so this is a very hard question to answer. But I’m gonna try 🙂

Let’s first start with Space Mountain. This is original to the opening of Magic Kingdom. The lines are usually 1-2 hours long, showing how many people love this ride. It takes place inside the big, white building in the back of Tomorrowland. It is an iconic building. Once it’s your turn to ride, you get into a single seat that is in a train of 6. You then blast off into space. It is dark and crazy. You don’t know what’s coming next. The only light is the little glimpse of stars on the ceiling. Sounds of space immerse you as your traveling throughout the galaxy. Overall an awesome ride that keeps you coming back for more. So much so that when my dad was little, he and his brother rode Space Mountain 5 times in a row.IMG_1411 3.JPG

The next mountain is Splash Mountain located in Frontierland. This is the first big ride I ever rode at Disney. When the huge drop came I was terrified, but afterward, I fell in love with this ride. The ride takes place indoors and outdoors. You are seated in a log as you travel through the journey of Brer Rabbit. There are 3 hills throughout the ride that are decently big. In the ride, the first hill takes you to Slippin Falls, the second to the laughing place, and the final is the main drop which takes you to Brer Fox’s lair. This ride is amazing and so much fun for the family. IMG_1432.jpg

The last mountain to mention is Big Thunder. The story of this ride is you are a miner for the railroad. This attraction appears as the huge rocky area in Frontierland. You are seated in a “train” to go to where you are mining. This is very thrilling from the back, especially at night. It is super fun but very bumpy compared to the other mountains.

In conclusion, I think my favorite ranking has to be Splash, Space, and then Big Thunder. I love all of these rides and they all hold special places in my heart, but Splash Mountain is my favorite mountain, my favorite Magic Kingdom ride, and maybe my favorite ride in all of Disney.

3 comments on “The Best Mountain

  1. Always loved Space Mountain the best as a kid when I went to Disney World with my older brother. We would ride it over and over because we went in November when the lines weren’t long. But as I grew up and started going with my kids I seemed to gravitate more to Splash Mountain. This was a fun ride that told a story but it was also fun for the whole family together and we tried to find ways to get more wet as we went down the last big hill. Love it!


  2. Love all the mountains


  3. Ashley Smith

    Love your pose in the Splash Mountain pic! Who are you imitating?


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