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Top 5 Picture Spots at Disney World

Disney World is one of the most magical places on Earth, that makes for some pretty good photo spots. Every park has a unique theme, they try to follow. For example, Epcot has two key parts, the world showcase, and the futuristic section, while Hollywood Studios focuses on old glamour Hollywood and movies. Each park has so many beautiful places to take pictures. In this post, I will give my favorite hidden spot in each park and then my favorite spot ever. By hidden spot I mean a place that is not one of the main photo stops like Cinderella’s Castle or Spaceship Earth.

5. Pixar Studios at Hollywood Studios

I’m not going to lie to you Hollywood Studios does not have the best photo-ops. Actually, they don’t have a ton to offer as of now, but they are soon opening Pixar Land in the summer of  2018 and Star Wars Land opening in 2019 or 2020. But they do have the Toy Story Midway Mania ride currently at Hollywood Studios. Here lies the Pixar Studios sign along with the toy monkey chain. This is definitely the simplest spot on the list, but it’s adorable and minimalistic for a great picture.


4. Pandora at Night at Animal Kingdom

Pandora is Disney’s most recent update at a park. This place is spectacular. It has two new rides, which I haven’t had the chance to try sadly, but I hear they’re superb. During the day, Pandora is nice and filled with a bunch of greenery, but it is not as picturesque than at night. At night these beautiful purple/blue toned lights shine on everything, making a natural filter. Every spot is beautiful and makes for a super cool picture.

3. Adventureland in Magic Kingdom

Adventureland is so well-themed, it is perfect for pictures. The dole whip stand Aloha Isle is located here and it is so fun to take pictures there. There is one wall right as you get your snack to take a really nice, simple photo. I got one with my dole whip because let’s be honest Disney food photographs so well. While on the subject, there are so many cute snack foods at Disney you can get and hold up to cute scenery and get a really nice photo. But my personal favorite is getting a dole whip then stand with the magic carpets around you. I usually get a photo of that or something similar on my first day at the parks, and it just sets in that I’m there.IMG_1308.JPG

2. France at Epcot

Epcot has so many beautiful pavilions, all with their own great picture spots, but France definitely has the best overall options. From the fountain in front of the Eifel Tower to the little village that is hidden in the back. It is just so cute and beautiful with so many little things that make it perfect. It also has some of the best snacks in all of Disney.


1. Rapunzel’s Tower at Magic Kingdom.

I wouldn’t say this part is hard to find or goes unnoticed, but it should be more appreciated. It is just magnificently done. It has nice purple tones along with yellow accents. It is beautiful for pictures but is rarely used because of its actual purpose as a restroom, which is a shame. I love this area. It is so nice to take pictures of or just relax in. Overall, perfect picture spot, because it is not crowded typically and it’s pretty setting.IMG_6407.jpg

2 comments on “Top 5 Picture Spots at Disney World

  1. Love taking pics at Disney. Adds to the magic and helps remember it days, months, and years later.


  2. Ashley Smith

    Love this! Whoever took that picture of you with the dole whip has skills!


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