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What Are the 5 Epcot “Must Do’s”?

Epcot1*** In a couple of my previous posts, I touched upon which countries in Epcot’s World Showcase had the best dining and drinking experiences. Although these cultural experiences are unmatched, it is also important to look at the many innovative attractions Epcot possesses. Let’s take a look!

 1. Soarin’-  Have you ever wanted to parasail  over the world, but your fear of heights kept you from dong so? No problem! Arguably one of Epcot’s most popular rides has recently changed its location from the most desired places around the US to now the most beautiful locations around the world! 237d34ec6bfab9967e3f1991b2fe564aThis international adventure includes the Taj Mahal, African safaris, the Eiffel Tower, Fiji and many more! After you finish your breathtaking tour around the world, your final destination is the Epcot firework show. What better way to end such an amazing parasail? It is important to note that while visiting different locations on Soarin’, different smells appear as you transfer from one place to another. These smells make you feel as if you’re in the actual place. This ride is my favorite ride in all of Epcot and maybe even in all of Disney world. It’s a ride you simply must do!

2. Test Track- This ride gives you the Need For Speed. Test Track is an amazing thrill that you can’t miss! It has recently been modified to where you can design your own car. 7f88c6cbead615d43d73feabddf9460eDuring this ride, your car is pushed to the limit in numerous tests. At the end of the ride, your car goes through the final challenge that tests how fast your car can really go– reaching speeds of 65 mph! This part of the ride is the best because of the wind blowing through your hair and your adrenaline pumping! Beware though! There may be a few scares where it looks like a semi-truck may hit you! After the entire ride is said and done, you get the results of how your car withheld during the tests. If you designed it best, hopefully your prototype will beat out your competitors. Ultimately, Test Track has been a longtime favorite of mine but with this update, it is a ride you can’t miss!

3. Mission Space-    Mission Space is unlike any other ride you have ever experienced!209ea8d87fd0cdb45cc7df56f944ba4a You enter into your rocket simulator preparing for take off when you get assigned either the pilot, navigator, engineer, or commander. Make sure you assign the people in your group wisely so that you can best complete your mission! After these assignments are made, you are immediately launched into Mars.  Once you finally reach Mars, you may expect smooth sailing but it’s not! You go through many obstacles and trials but in the end you will get back to planet Earth (I promise!). Fair warning, this ride is extremely intense and fun with the feeling of defying gravity. If you have anyone with heart issues in your family, do not let them do this ride. It has the real sensation of being in a rocket ship, and trust me your body will feel this drastic sensation. There is a less intense version but still be warned!

4. Spaceship Earth- You know the iconic golf ball in the center of Epcot? The one everyone has to get a picture in front of? Well, it’s not all looks! e3b89d8385c3fc1ca4765f0c2b561659It has one of the most innovative rides within it called Spaceship Earth. This ride is not as thrilling as our other rides, but nonetheless still a great experience. You travel through time from the very beginning up to modern day. You see how communication and technology were at a bare minimum at the very beginning of time and how we have progressed and that so much is now possible. This ride is more educational than the rest teaching the values of art and science alike. But it is still a very fun attraction. At the end of the ride, you make your own ideal future by answering questions and they show you the possibilities of your futuristic life! Spaceship Earth is a great ride that not only is great for little ones and adults but also a great educational experience.

5. Frozen Ever After- Located at the Norway Pavilion, this new magical experience opened not too long ago. It’s only been a little over a year since it’s debut. While riding Frozen Ever After, you become apart of the frozen story while traveling on a boat. Frozen Ever After  in the Norway Pavilion at EpcotThis attraction is one of the higher waiting times at Epcot due to the Frozen hype over the past few years, but for good reason. Throughout your journey, you can enjoy high-def graphics, upbeat music, and just an overall happy vibe. If you want to ride this attraction you’ll definitely need a fast pass though, because the wait is extremely high. All in all, this ride is so much fun for all ages and really ties in that Disney magic!

*** As with the 5 Magic Kingdom “Must Do’s,” there are many other rides that are worthwhile. Except for Frozen Ever After, most of these rides are geared more towards the older demographic. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of things to do for children. In my experience, Epcot has the most opportunity for meeting the Disney characters because each princess is assigned to her country of origin. Got to take advantage of those photo opps!

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  1. Madelyn Box

    Ugh I still haven’t seen Frozen Ever After!


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