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How to Drink Around the World in a Day…

Unlike the other Disney parks, Epcot is unique in that not only does it offer innovative rides, but it also has a World Showcase comprised of 11 different countries. One of the most popular things to do in Epcot is to engage in “Drinking Around The World.” This involves drinking one drink from each of the eleven countries over the course of the day. These countries include: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, United States, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada.

drank1Although this is something I have yet to try, I have indulged in three of the eleven countries in a day and that in itself was SO much fun. For the time being, I am only going to give my personal insight of the three I have been to but stay tuned for the other countries! I started in Italy and had lunch at Via Napoli. When at an Italian restaurant, order wine right? My recommendation is a glass of the Chardonnay which was cold and light, perfect for a hot day out in the sun. When I was leaving Italy, I spotted a stand at the very front of the pavilion that sold Italian delicacy desserts as well as drinks. As my sister ran over to the stand to get a dessert, I saw nice, fruity Sangria on the menu. This Sangria is a MUST. It tasted just like the Sangria I had in Italy. The cultural accuracy of these countries still truly astounds me.

After Italy, I headed over to Mexico, and I saw the sign for frozen margaritas. For me, margaritas are a close second to good wine. Sadly, the margarita I had on my last trip was all margarita mixer and zero tequila. If you’re looking to drink around the world the right way do not go to La Cantina de San Angel. They have great Churros, but the margaritas are very weak. 7edcff318a86c2e80418912dfae5200aThey are also not extremely kind. A year ago it was five minutes before closing time, and they refused to give me a margarita. However, if you want quality service go to La Hacienda de San Angel. That same night I went in after being rejected from the previous margarita establishment, and the HOSTESS at this nice restaurant said it was her pleasure to serve me. The margaritas taste way better, and the service was astronomically better. Just make sure you tip when the hostess goes out of his/her way for you! (Photo Cred: Disney Food Blog)

bee118945SMALL-1The last country I will be touching on is Japan. Now when it comes to choosing between beer, margaritas, and wine, beer is usually on the bottom of my list. However, Japan’s beers are nothing short of amazing. As I mentioned in the “Must Do” Dining Blog, there is a great beer stand right outside of Teppan Edo. The Frozen Kirin Draft Beer is one to remember. Don’t worry the foam is made of beer as well. This was such a nice refreshment as you are waiting for your dinner reservation.  Photo Cred: Disney Parks Blog

** As a side note, I have been all around the world these past few years to Italy, Philippines, Japan, Mexico, and Colombia. As you can see above, I made sure I got my drink on at the same countries I have visited. I didn’t mean to do this, but I guess these countries drew me to them because I wanted to test out their authenticity. Let me say, overall, these drinks are spot on to what they taste like in their actual country of origin. Thank you Epcot for letting us experience cultures that we may never get the chance to actually visit!


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  1. Madelyn Box

    The Sangria really is the best! I was really surprised!


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