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“Must Do” Disney Dining

8894c1f00b4e1215db47a0a9f3601c38Before getting into the elaborate, beautiful restaurants Disney has to offer, I first want to introduce this little beauty that is a “must” snack if you are at Disney. This unforgettable wonder is called THE Dole Whip.  As you can see, I ordered it as Pineapple Float but you can also just order it in a cup. Now you can’t find this little beauty just anywhere– it only has two locations in Disney World. One of them being at Aloha Isle in the Adventureland section of Magic Kingdom or at Captain Cook’s located at the Polynesian Resort (as I will touch on later grab one of these on your way out from Ohana, you will be stuffed but IT IS WORTH IT)!

** Now that we have covered the MUST DO Disney Snack. Let’s get into the MUST DO RESTAURANTS. If you’re looking for ultimate savings, some of these restaurants may not qualify. However, if you’re looking for the ultimate Disney experience, I promise these restaurants will not dissapoint!

  1. Ohana- This restaurant is located in the Polynesian Resort. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful places you will find in Walt Disney World. pina coladaThey also have an excellent view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks show. Make sure you come hungry because your waiter will come around and fill your plate until you can’t eat anymore. You may want to load up on the meat but don’t because they have the best bread pudding I have ever had. Make sure to ask your waiter for a lei because they’re free and make for great pictures! Also, try the Piña colada it is one of my favorites of all time.
  2. Via Napoli- Located in the Italian Pavilion at Epcot. via napoliYou really get an authentic Italian restaurant. From the staff that is 100 percent Italian to the posters all around the restaurant depicting different part of Italy, I felt that I was back on study abroad in Florence. The large pizza is plenty for two (probably three!) Also, make sure you order the Calamari. It is one of the best appetizers I have ever had. Please note that this place usually has a huge wait. It is crucial you get a reservation!
  3. Teppan Edo- Like Hibachi?Edo Located at the Japanese Pavilion in Epcot, you will get some of the best Japanese food you have ever tasted. Since the wait can be kind of long, I recommend hitting the drinks stand right outside. The frozen Kirin beer topped with Kirin beer foam is so refreshing during a hot day!
  4. Tony’s Town Square Restaurant- Based on the Italian restaurant in Lady & the Tramp, you will experience amazing Italian food (of course I am biased). If you aren’t counting calories which you shouldn’t in Disney, you MUST get the Italian Trio. The combination of Chicken Parmigiana, Baked Rigatoni, and Fettuccine Alfredo will be one of your best meals yet! It goes along great with a glass of prosecco as well for those of you old enough!
  5. Cape May Cafe- Anybody like a buffet? When most of us think of buffets, we don’t always associate it with the best food. However, it is not the case here! Located at Disney’s Beach Club Resort enjoy seafood galore and a cutting station for the best roast beef you have ever had!6d2ba3b7511e4f7e18db40028a959734 It doesn’t hurt that your favorite Disney characters are out and about here as well. Make sure to make a night out of this. Although you have the capability to get stuffed here, try to resist! If you don’t plan on coming back to this area another day of your trip, you have to go to Beaches & Cream Soda Shop. It is famous for its Kitchen Sink dessert. It is rumored that three people could finish this but unless one of those people you’re eating with is Joey Chestnut, bring the whole family to help! Kitchen Sink Photo Cred: Disney Food Blog

** Hopefully now you have a good idea of “Must Do” Restaurants. Please note again that these are huge meals so eat light during the day to enjoy all these dining experiences have to offer!

1 comment on ““Must Do” Disney Dining

  1. Haven’t heard of half of these! Thanks Ashley! However, I do have wet dreams about the dole whip haha


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