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Beginning Steps & Magic Kingdom “Must Do’s”

Before embarking on your trip of a lifetime to Magic Kingdom, it’s crucial you do the following things to make the most of your trip:

  1. Buy Your Tickets Ahead of Time – Often times, you can get a better deal depending on the size of your party and duration of your stay.
  2. Customize Your Own Disney MagicBand- What’s your favorite? Villains? Princesses? Heroes ? Show off some of your personality with ordering your favorite Disney MagicBand.
  3. Purchase Disney PhotoPass- When you”re like me and don’t get to see your family everyday, you need to buy this. You don’t want one of the people you love left out of the picture! They also have really cool special effects that wouldn’t be possible with your own camera. PhotoPassGet the photographer to scan your MagicBand and your photos will be available within the hour on the app described below!                                                  4. Download the My Disney Experience App- I don’t know how I effectively enjoyed the Disney experience before this app. It allows you the ability to plan your trip before you even arrive! From planning your dinner reservations and FastPasses to being able to check out your fun Disney photos, this is a must!!!


To be clear, you will need more than a day if you have never been to Magic Kingdom. However, if you only have a day, you must hit these FIVE ATTRACTIONS!

  1. Splash Mountain- Now this is a ride you MUST get a FastPass for. When it’s hot outside (which it always is!) it can have up to a 2 hour wait. This ride is one of my favorites because it’s a story dealing with the lives of Br’er Rabbit and the antagonists Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear.Jack Stone These antagonists keep trying to catch this sneaky rabbit, but ultimately Br’er Rabbit is always able to out clever them. Watch out for the 50 foot drop into the briar patch at the end and as they say on the ride, “You will get wet, you may get soaked!” Please enjoy my most recent family photo from this attraction. In case you are wondering about our pose, this is how my siblings and I imagine Jack Stone from the Bachelorette posing on this ride! Hence, the strange/spooky facial expressions.
  2.  Seven Dwarfs Mine Train-  This is Walt Disney World’s   newest roller coaster in Magic Kingdom. seven dwarfsA FastPass is also a must for this attraction. Love the story of Snow White? This ride brings you through the mines where you see all seven dwarfs “dig dig dig dig dig from early morn’ till night.” However, like Splash Mountain, don’t let the story aspect fool you. This is a very speedy ride with a lot of sudden drops. It’s great for any rollercoaster loving family! Look out for the wicked witch at the end! You may think you’re just watching Snow White dance with her favorite dwarfs, but that villain is waiting with her poisonous apples!
  3. Space Mountain- I may be a little biased when it comes to this dark, speedy rollercoaster located in the Tomorrowland section of Magic Kingdom, but it’s rightfully so. 807761664d335306a3358069c906339e.jpgSince this ride opened in January 1975, this is a ride my dad was able to enjoy as a child as well. It gives me goosebumps to know that the same waiting line my dad & uncle ran through as kids for this terrestrial adventure is still the same today! There are two different tracks for this ride and some say the left track is more intense than the other. However, from my experience, they are the same, they just turn in different directions. Enjoy Florida’s oldest operating roller coaster ride through space at a whooping speed of 28 miles per hour!
  4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- e6ce07e22b029ad3829f762105301056Known as the “Wildest Ride in the Wilderness” this rollercoaster will take you through many twists and turns thought the ghost town of Tumbleweed. This abandoned mine shaft will not disappoint, especially at the end when you escape a fallen boulder! This Gold Rush inspired ride is one to remember but beware with small children because it is quite bumpy.
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean-  As the new “Pirates” movies have came out, Disney has been doing a great job adapting this ride.9c45d41b4a78663e4e433d71ddd6e5b7 As you used to be greeted by Davy Jones in a steamy vapor as you entered the ride, now you’re greeted by Blackbeard. This is a ride that is truly special to my family. As you embark on your trip, it is important to have traditions! This is a tradition for my family as we always ride this ride first! As this ride isn’t full of the twists and turns that may be present in my other “Top 5” rides, it shares the great story of Captain Jack Sparrow and how he out tricks his fellow pirates. At the end you will see how he seizes all the  loot for himself.

**Again, there are many other rides in Magic Kingdom that are also “Must Do’s.” However, if you only have a day, these are the five you need to make a priority. Please feel free to comment and ask about some of my other preferences to get the most out of your Disney experience.



1 comment on “Beginning Steps & Magic Kingdom “Must Do’s”

  1. Madelyn Box

    Thanks Ashley! This is really helpful especially for someone like me who likes to organize their vacation ahead of time! Definitely will help me make the most of my next Disney trip!


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