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My Disney Story

Hello my fellow Disney lovers! My name is Ashley Smith, and I’m here to provide tips on having the best Disney experience possible and also share my Disney story. Disney completely influenced my childhood since I was five (I have gone every year since then)! I also believe every Disney fan has that one moment when they realize whether they are five or twenty-three that this big plot of land in Orlando, FL truly possesses magic. This moment for me was when I was only 5 years old on my dad’s shoulders first seeing Tinker Bell fly down from Cinderella’s castle. That combined with the firework show made me realize there are very few things in life that cause you to believe in something greater than yourself.

Now fast forward eighteen years later, it is exactly the same (except for me being able to be on my dad’s shoulders!). I was able to fit in a quick trip to Disney World this past weekend, and it made me think how Disney experiences change as you grow up. What I intend to share throughout this blog are tips on how to maximize your experience in all the Disney parks for all age groups.

For instance, at ten Magic Kingdom was my favorite place on the world and nothing made me happier than posing as Cinderella’s sidekick princess in photos. cinderellaNow Disney still holds the same magic but I experience it differently. As you can see above, my favorite thing to do in Disney now is visit the countries in Epcot. What is better than getting Sangria from Italy, right? Being able to have a taste of each country and exploring different cultures is what now intrigues me.

Not only will I be pointing out my favorite Disney Must-Do’s throughout this blog, but I will be sharing my thoughts on a lot of new things Disney is doing to make this world a little more magical. I can’t wait to start this adventure with you guys and learn about what you love about Disney as well, especially with all the new stuff happening in 2017!

2 comments on “My Disney Story

  1. David Smith

    Love this blog. Tell me more!


  2. Madelyn Box

    Love the Cinderella pic! Also so lucky to get to go to Disney so much! Can’t wait to hear more about your Disney expertise 👍🏼


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